Last Mile Parking Navigation Platform

Translate real-time city images into urban knowledge center using crowd-sourced driver's community.

Our Technology

Computer Vision
  • Computer vision
  • Real-time
  • Machine Learning
  • Scalable
  • Crowd-sourced

Our Product

Parking Solution
Last Mile
  • Smartphone App
  • White Label
  • Real-time parking route
  • Step-by-Step Nav
  • Community

Our Vision

Find Parking Now!
  • Find on street parking
  • Locate park within a time-frame
  • Leverage the power of community
  • Save time & Money
  • Reduce traffic congestion

What our community have to say about Us

Hi-Park drivers community is our source of power and pride.

  • What a great way to find parking and save some money!


    Catherine Williams

  • Just used their app and saved 35$ on street parking


    Jane Levi

  • Thanks for a great app, now i know exactly when i should leave my house in order to arrive on time to a meeting


    Mark Owen